Terrasolum S.L.


Geotechnical Engineering

TERRASOLUM is an innovating company in the area of geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. Our areas of activity are: consulting, planning, investigation and enviromental geotechnics. We offer you:

  • Special geotechnical solutions, investigations and concepts, with the aid of complex model calculations in two and three dimensions with special software (FLAC3D)
  • Geotechnical design according to European Standard EN 1997-1
  • Consulting, construction supervision and geotechnical reports elaborated by engineers specialised in geotechnical engineering, in both civil and mining fields
  • Consulting for the utilisation of geosynthetics
  • Investigation and development with universities, laboratories and investigation centres.
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Advanced geotechnical Problems (2D and 3D)

usr_zone_soluciones_avanzadasAdditionaly to our Experience, we can apply 2D and 3D technology to design and analyse geotechnical structures: Programme FLAC3D [...]

Construction supervision

Asistencia técnica en obraWe can contribute our knowledge and experience for geotechnical on site construction supervision, offering valuation, studies, safety estimations, and project modifications to contractors and clients. [...]


usr_zone_asesor_especBased on testing results, both laboratory and insitu testing, we can offer studies containing proposals on foundation solutions, stability analisis of ground and underground structures. We are able to cover both, civil and mining fields. [...]


usr_zone_geoTerrasolum counts with the experience for advising you to choose the right geotextile for different types of constructions, like slopes, roads, dumps [...]

Research and Development

usr_zone_investContribution to research on the numerical modelation of the soil / geotextile and geotextile / geotextile interface for applications in dumps, slopes and road pavements [...]